About Me

I grew up in a small town in Northern Maine, the only child of parents who divorced when I was young, who had experienced deep joy and profound suffering in their 17 years of marriage. From the influence of their experiences, I learned two things that are core to who I am. The value of community and the power of having a voice.

From the power of having a voice, I learned that voice also carries with it a responsibility, to myself and to those affected by that voice. I wield my voice with strength and conviction, but I'm mindful of the impact it has on those around me. Being intentional in my thoughts and actions is central to who I am.

From the value of community, I learned that the need to relate to other human beings,  the need to make authentic connections, the need to surround myself with people whom I  love and trust, and who love and trust me, is central to my very existence as a human being.

These two things together - the value of community and the power of having a voice has become my personal vision, my life purpose. And not just for any community.  I want to build a community of women.  And not just with any voice, but with a collective voice that is stronger than our individual voices.

Imagine a community of women where we are intentional in our thoughts and actions, understanding the impact our voice has on one another. Where we can share our influences and experiences, creating authentic connections. Where we can shift our context from competition to compassion, relating to one another. Where we can quietly change the world.

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