Imagine a community of women where our thoughts and actions are intentional and we understand the impact our voices have on one another. Where we can share our influences and experiences to create lasting connections. Where we can shift our context from competition to compassion, and relate to one another. Where we can be a story teller and a story listener. Where we can experience transformation and begin our next chapters.


Residential Labs

Join me for a three-day workshop, where women create a space for transformative learning and story-telling. Whether you’re looking for personal or professional growth, you’ll experience:

  • A renewed sense of self and reinvention
  • “Aha Moments” and permission to start with a “Clean Slate”
  • Boosted confidence and clarity for the future
  • New connections with like-minded women
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About Temenos

The Temenos method takes participants through introspection, visualization, and articulation to bring stories of past, present, and future into a single context. Susan uses a clear process that begins with sharing an “Influence Map,” addresses patterns of failure and success in the “Clean Slate” exercise, and culminates in an “Active Vision,” a firm and clear plan for change. All of this while participants find common ground among the group and learn to treat each other with compassion and bring authenticity to their interactions.

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August 18, 2015

Strong + Determined – Urban Campfire 2015

The year was 2012. President Obama won his 2nd term in office. London hosted the Summer Olympics. The Hobbit, The Avengers, The Hunger Games, and Skyfall were at the movies. And Adele was all over the music charts, winning 6 Grammys that year. It was the year I launched a massive, mind blowing, renovation project…

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