How to Quietly Change the World

photo credit: OnFoot4now (Didi) via photopin cc

photo credit: OnFoot4now (Didi) via photopin cc

I believe in the power of a story. But, a story in of itself is not enough. In order to fully realize the power of a story, you must interact with it. This interaction can take many forms,  but basically has two parts – story telling and story listening.  I believe when we are in the act of telling a story and in the act of listening to that story, we are not the same as we were before. Our context has shifted. We are transformed.

I work with women to tell their stories, stories of transformation. And, I work with women to share their stories, stories for transformation.  You see, every woman has a story of transformation.  And, every story starts in the past, brings us to the present, propels us into the future.

As a Temenos Fellow, I facilitate three-day residential labs for small groups of women, creating a transformative learning and story-telling container where I apply techniques from the Temenos method developed by Siraj Sirajuddin.  Women share their past influences, (Personal Mythology), acknowledge their patterns of success and self-sabotage (Clean Slate), and activate their visions for the future (Personal Vision).

What these women get in return is a heightened sense of self-awareness through deep introspection and reflection, authentic connections with the women in their container by sharing their stories, and thoughtful  insight through listening without judgement to recognize the themes and behaviors that have influenced and guided them throughout their lives. They get their own stories of transformation.

The three-day experience is ended by video recording each woman’s story of transformation, bringing their past, present, and future into a single context to be shared for transformation.

Sharing stories of transformation for transformation. This is how to quietly change the world.