Bringing the Individual to the World Through Story Telling


STIA+DC 2014 was a ‘Systems of Wellbeing’ phenomenon during the first week of November this year. Can you imagine the number of personal stories that emerged from the topic? I had the pleasure of joining Jeremy Seligman as a Weaver throughout each day of the conference this year. There is something holistic and satisfying about bringing the threads…

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Urban Campfire: Acknowledging Failure and Wiping the Slate Clean


Urban Campfire is happening today (August 21, 2014) in Seattle!  This is a unique gathering of women that I am proud to sponsor.  Below are a few of my thoughts as I prepared for a previous gathering.  I look forward to continued insights and s’mores with everyone! As I prepare for Urban Campfire, I’m digging deep…

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Containers and Clean Slate

A fireside space just waiting for a chat...

  As I mentioned in a previous post, I am about to facilitate a three-day residential Lab with a group of six wonderful women.  Mere hours from now, we will co-create a space for transformative learning and story-telling. I use the Temenos method, a process by which individuals and leaders can better understand their motivations and relationships, both personally…

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Strong And Determined

Exactly a year ago I wrote this post for a past project called A New Mythology For Women. Though time has past and the names of my projects have changed, my purpose remains steadfast. Today, I continue to build a community of women through personal, leadership, and Agile labs.  I have other plans I am…

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