Bringing the Individual to the World Through Story Telling


STIA+DC 2014 was a ‘Systems of Wellbeing’ phenomenon during the first week of November this year. Can you imagine the number of personal stories that emerged from the topic? I had the pleasure of joining Jeremy Seligman as a Weaver throughout each day of the conference this year. There is something holistic and satisfying about bringing the threads of all of the sessions together. It’s like stitching each person’s story together into a collective story by the STIA+ Community.

On a related note, I hosted a live and interactive storytelling space. Below is my description of the Personal Transformation Narratives track at STIA+ 2013:

This is an experiment in the making, with you as a conference-goer at center stage.  Just by entering the space, you are participating and interacting with everything going on – drawing, story telling, listening, reflecting, recording, singing, guitar playing, sitting, drinking coffee, watching it all unfold in the moment.

Hello, I’m Susan Gibson, the host of Personal Transformation Narratives at STIA 2013.  I believe in the power a story holds to transform lives.  I believe that in the act of telling a story, and the act of listening to that story, we are transformed. I’m bringing that power to you over the 3 days of the conference.  You’ll provide the content, I’ll provide the means to deliver your content.  You’ll prepare and tell your story, other conference-goers will listen and watch.  And, throughout it all, I’ll be recording the action so your story lives on beyond the conference and into the future.

Everybody has a story of transformation.  Just through the sheer act of living, we are transformed.  Every life experience, every interaction, every relationship transforms us.  These are the stories I’m inviting you to share. But, I don’t want it to be just about the past.  I want you to share your hopes & dreams.  I want you to turn those hopes & dreams into your vision for the future.  Is there something holding you back from achieving your hopes & dreams?  Is there something blocking you from activating your vision?  Share this story, too.  Stories of your past, present & future, brought together into a single context, a single story.  Imagine how powerful that could be.  Imagine how energizing that could be.  Imagine how transformational that could be.  To you. To the person listening. To the world. Creating moments of transformation.That’s what this track is all about.

Knowing what you know about the past, are you as excited as I am about the stories to unfold at STIA+2015?