Strong And Determined

Exactly a year ago I wrote this post for a past project called A New Mythology For Women. Though time has past and the names of my projects have changed, my purpose remains steadfast. Today, I continue to build a community of women through personal, leadership, and Agile labs.  I have other plans I am…

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Sharing stories of transformation FOR transformation


I originally wrote this post for the Urban Campfire Blog  on August 7, 2013.  As I prepare for a new lab session for Summer 2014, the description still rings true.  Take care and enjoy.  Also be sure to check out my Labs page to learn more. I believe in the power of a story as a path to…

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G Day For Girls – Adolescence and me

GDayforGirls Vancouver by Melody Biringer

Donny Osmond. Horses. Girlfriends. Stories. Sleepovers. Barbies. Secrets. Music. Plus, a few cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and pheasants.  My adolescence was filled with curiosity and adventure, love and freedom. I was consumed by my love of horses in those days.  Aside from the 4-foot poster of Donny Osmond on my wall, my bedroom was…

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The Value of Community


I grew up in a small town in Northern Maine, the only child of parents who divorced when I was young, who had experienced deep joy and profound suffering in their 17 years of marriage. From the influence of their experiences, I learned two things that are core to who I am. The value of…

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Being Intentional About Freedom


I did something recently that has really given me pause to reflect.  I gave up my freedom without even realizing it. Now, freedom is a central theme of mine.  I had an enormous amount of freedom as a child.  I charted my own course through my early years with minimal guidance.  As a teenager, I…

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