Activating Your Vision Through Discernment


Once you’ve established your vision, then what?  How do you make your dreams a reality?  I approached these questions in my guest post originally published for the Urban Campfire Blog in August 2013:

I have lots of big ideas.  I plan to win the Kennedy Center Honors for my outstanding contribution to the Arts.  I plan to interview Hilary Clinton and Condaleeza Rice on Oprah.  Right now, I categorize these as fantasies.  But, they are important fantasies because they are tied directly to my personal vision.

My personal vision has three parts:

1- a Foundation to help girls achieve their hopes and dreams,
2- my Caribou Project where I’ll record stories told from grandmother to daughter to granddaughter in my hometown of Caribou, Maine, and
3- women sharing their stories of transformation for transformation.

I’ve already activated #3, I’m working on #1, and I have about 10,000 steps to get to #2.

Through my own personal and professional transformation this past year, I’ve gained clarity on how to achieve my personal vision.  I do this through discernment.  Our lives are made up of distractions, fantasies, and life purpose.  Discernment is a way to categorize and prioritize the distractions and fantasies so we can focus on what really matters, our life purpose.

Distractions are acknowledged and treated with minimal mental energy.  Action is delayed until absolutely necessary.  My distractions are mostly related to paying bills.  Fantasies are kept in their proper context.  They should align with your life purpose.  They’re a way to see yourself in your vision 10, 20, 30 years from now.  I led you into this blog with my 2 fantasies.  What’s left should be all about your life purpose.  Mine over the next year is about building my personal brand, reducing time spent with my clients so I can devote more time to my personal vision, drafting a book, and continuing to grow.

This is how you get from activity to accomplishment.  This is how you activate your personal vision.